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Our Services

RMI Industrial Services is committed to providing our customers the newest, and most advanced technology. RMI’s CAD expertise and providing high-definition parts will give you an immediate return on your investment.

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With over 50 years of experience, the knowledgeable and innovative staff at RMI Industrial Services can design, fabricate and install the best solution for your custom automation project, from industrial ventilation systems, conveyor systems and robotic systems.

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RMI Industrial Services fabricates components and finished products of stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized metals, aluminum, alloys, and other materials.RMI Industrial Services specializes in custom fabrication.

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RMI Industrial Services knows that equipment upkeep is as imperative for production and safety as the equipment itself, and as such we offer a contract maintenance service to keep your equipment operating optimally.

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Our Products

RMI Industrial Services customize, build and install dust collectors you need, based on your specifications in any area.

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RMI Industrial Services and our industrial ventilation partners can customize your new ventilation system or troubleshoot your existing system.

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RMI Industrial Services specializes in complete custom and off-the-shelf conveyor equipment and system integration for any internal or external application in any industry.

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What We Do

RMI Industrial Services’ experienced personnel can define and oversee each phase of turnkey projects, from initial approval to project completion and everything in between, selecting the right equipment and technologies to satisfy both your present and future project needs.

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RMI Industrial Services has the in-house capabilities of engineering design drawings for projects involving custom sheet metal fabrications, advanced metal fabrication of components and products. We build and installs a wide variety of industrial equipment to customers’ specifications.

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With  more than 50 years in business, TSM Houston has the industrial expertise and resources to make your global relocation painless, giving your company more than just a new facility, on time and on budget. We have experience in small and large industrial projects.

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  • Advanced Steel Metal Fabrication
  • Robotic Palletizing in Manufacturing
  • Industrial Ventilation Stainless Steel
  • Intralox Custom Conveyor System